Skilled Trades Industrial Occupations Technology

Associate in Applied Science (AAS)
Certificate of Specialization (CS)


This program allows individuals to earn an associate degree tailored to their occupational/career needs. College credit for technical areas may be earned through established articulation agreements in consultation with the Engineering and Technology department. In addition, on-the-job training and/or supervised work-based learning, including electric and carpenter apprentice programs, may be included in the student’s degree program. Areas of concentration may include aerospace assembly worker, carpenter apprenticeship, electronic alarm technician, machine technician apprenticeship and sheet metal worker.

Information for Electrician and Carpenter Apprentice Students

Electrical workers and carpenters can earn an associate degree from St. Louis Community College as a result of signed agreements between STLCC and the St. Louis Area and Vicinity Electricians Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee (JATC) and the STL-KC Carpenters Regional Council.

Designed specifically for these organizations, the STLCC Skilled Trades AAS program is a joint effort to recognize apprenticeship training as postsecondary education to prepare the current and future workforce.

Electric and carpentry workers who successfully complete approved U.S. Department of Labor apprentice programs and 15 credit hours of general education courses at STLCC will be awarded a Skilled Trades AAS degree.

View program FAQs at the bottom of this page to learn more.


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Skilled Trades Industrial (AAS, CS) 64-67 Credits

Associates in Applied Science Degree
Program Total 64-67 Credits
I. Career General Education 18-20
ENG:101 College Composition I 3
COM:101 Oral Communication I 3
MTH:124 Technical Mathematics I or higher 3
XXX:xxx Science Elective 3-5
XXX:xxx Missouri State Requirement 3
XXX:xxx Social Science Elective 3
II. Physical Education 2
III. Area of Concentration 44-45
GE:101 Technical Computer Applications (or)
IS:103 Information Systems for Business (or)
IS:116 Microcomputer Literacy 3
Apprenticeship Program Agreement Options 41-42
Where St. Louis Community College has an agreement with an apprenticeship training program, students will receive credit as far as per the apprenticeship agreement. Depending on the credit awarded based on the articulation agreement; additional technical course approved by the department may be required. Transcription of credit for apprenticeship training programs will be done as per the college procedures in place at that time.
Technical Electives Options 41-42
This option allows individuals to tailor their area of concentration based on the skilled trades by selecting courses from the department prefixes: BE, CE, EE, EGR, ESC, GE, ME, QC, SKT, TEL and MGT – with at least nine hours from one of the above prefixes. The  individual’s program of study must be developed in consultation with the Engineering and Technology department.
Certificate of Specialization
Program total 12-18 credits
MTH:108 Elementary Applied Mathematics or higher 3
Dependent on the skilled trade classification, an additional 9-12 credit hours of technical courses are required for the particular Certificate of Specialization. The courses must be selected in consultation with the program advisor.
Skilled trades classification and emphasis areas may include:
Electronics PLC/Robotics
Sheet Metal Worker Manufacturing Assembly Worker

Dependent on the skilled trade classification, an additional 6 to 12 credit hours of technical courses are required for a particular Certificate of Specialization. The program advisor must select these courses.



The Skilled Trades Industrial Occupations Technology program is offered at our Florissant Valley campus. Students may take general education classes toward this degree at any of our four campuses, our five education centers, and online.


What degree will I receive?

You’ll receive an Associate of Applied Science–Skilled Trades Industrial Occupations   Technology.

How do I know if I am eligible for this program?

You must be admitted to or participating in an apprenticeship program. For more details on eligibility, contact your apprenticeship coordinator or other designated contact for the apprenticeship program.

How do I enroll in the STLCC Skill Trade AAS Program?

  1. Contact your apprenticeship coordinator and they’ll submit your name to the college.
  2. Apply to STLCC online. Follow the directions on the application and select Associate of Applied Science-Skilled Trades Industrial Occupations Technology as your Program/Major. STLCC is an open enrollment institution, meaning if you have your high school diploma or GED you will be admitted.

How do I apply and register for my general education classes?

  1. You can apply to STLCC online and begin your general education classes anytime. New semesters begin every spring, summer and fall.
  2. After your application is accepted, you are able to register for classes online through Banner Self-Service, or you can work with an academic advisor to plan and register.

How do I register for my apprenticeship courses?

You don’t have to register your apprenticeship program with the college. Your apprenticeship coordinator will provide STLCC with all information needed. However, you will need to work with your apprenticeship coordinator directly for details about your courses.

Where will I take classes?

You can take general education courses at any of our four campuses and many are available online as well. Online classes are labeled as “Distance Learning.” The apprentice classes will be at your training facility.

Do I have to complete the general education courses in a certain order or time frame?

We strongly recommend you take at least one general education course a semester. You won’t receive your degree until you complete all general education and apprenticeship courses.

Who are my instructors?

  • Your apprenticeship instructors will be assigned by your apprentice program.
  • Any general education courses will be taught by the assigned college faculty.

Will I receive grades for all my courses?

You’ll earn grades (A, B, C etc.) for skilled trade courses and general education courses. Grades for each will be assigned by the instructor, whether they are an STLCC staff or an apprenticeship instructor.

Can I transfer to a four-year college with the new degree?

This varies depending on the four-year college. We’ve designed the program so four-year colleges can evaluate your courses and grant credit towards a four-year degree appropriately. However, the decision to accept those courses for credit is up to the four-year college.

What if I’m already in the apprenticeship program or have completed it in the past?

The college and your apprenticeship program will work together to review your prior learning and grant credit for any part of the apprentice program you’ve completed.

To submit completed courses, contact your apprenticeship coordinator to forward your records to the college for review. You must have been admitted to STLCC and taken at least one credit course from the college to receive credit for your prior learning.

All apprenticeship course completed before applying to STLCC will be marked as “R.” This means the college has reviewed the course and is granting credit for it. Previous courses will not be assigned a letter grade.

You will receive credit unless the apprenticeship program indicates the courses are out of date. Please see your apprentice coordinator for more details.

What if I am no longer active in the local association?

You must be referred by the local apprenticeship program to enroll in the program.

What if I’ve already taken or completed my general education courses through STLCC or another college?

All courses taken through STLCC are on record and if they fall under the general education core, they will count toward your degree.

If you’ve earned credit at another college, send your transcript to STLCC at for review. Transcripts from other institutions will be evaluated and accepted credit will count toward your general education requirement. However, you must earn at least one credit hour from STLCC before transferred courses can be recorded.

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