Software Developer

Associate in Applied Science (AAS)

Salaries: Compared to other jobs and professions, software programming jobs pay well.

Skills Transfer: Programming languages, software tools and experiences are portable skills from one employer to the next, and likely include salary increases.

Comfortable working environments with continuous learning curve in all directions.


Upon graduation students receive an Associate in Applied Science degree in Software Developer.

This 64 credit-hour program provides you with the technical skills and knowledge required to design, write, implement, secure and maintain business software systems in the enterprise. It teaches the principles of software architecture using current development tools, languages and environments. The courses in the web, software developer and database focus areas enable you to pursue in-depth skill and expertise within one of these three areas while preparing for industry-recognized certificates.

The courses in the program provide a combination of online, distance learning and intensive, classroom-based, hands-on skills development. Those who complete the program are prepared for a variety of industry certification exams as well as entry-level employment as software developer or to pursue advanced studies in software design and development.

Hands-on: This program features dedicated labs and classrooms, and one-to-one equipment ratio, the optimal experience for skill development.

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The hotel and restaurant industry is the second largest industry in St. Louis.

  • Software Developer
  • Web Developer
  • Computer Progammer
  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Database Administrators
  • Computer and Information Research Scientist
  • Computer and Information Systems Manager
  • Metropolitan Sewer District
  • Emerson Electric
  • Asynchrony Labs
  • Maritz, Inc.
  • Maverick Technologies
  • Charter Communications
  • BJC Healthcare
  • Enterprise Holding

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divider-facultyMargaret Hvatum
Program Coordinator
Phone: 314-984-7518


Admission Process

  • All applicants for the Software Developer program must first be admitted to St. Louis Community College.
  • Applications for this program are accepted on a continuing basis throughout the year.

Prior to application we recommend that you meet with an STLCC academic advisor. The advisor can help you plan your courses, clarify program requirements, and review your academic history as it relates to this program.  Click Here

We invite you to meet with an STLCC advisor for one-on-one help in planning your pathway to this rewarding career. Click Here

Program Curriculum

Related Program

Web Developer CS
Database Developer CP
Cybersecurity AAS, CP


STLCC’s Software Developer’s Advisory Board brings together top industry professionals. Members serve for two-year renewable terms, and STLCC’s faculty works hand-in-hand with this elite group to evaluate and update our curriculum, stay up-to-date on the latest innovations, and promote networking.

Metropolitan Sewer District
Emerson Electric
Asynchrony Labs
Maverick Technologies
Maritz, Inc.
Charter Communications
BJC Healthcare
Enterprise Holding

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to complete the program?
Two years, including the summer.

What do software developers do?
Software developers are the creative minds behind computer programs. Some develop the applications that allow people to do specific tasks on a computer or another device. Others develop the underlying systems that run the devices or that control networks.

Typical Tasks

  • Modify existing software to correct errors, allow it to adapt to new hardware or to improve its performance.
  • Develop and direct software system testing and validation procedures, programming and documentation.
  • Confer with systems analysts, engineers, programmers and others to design systems and to obtain information on project limitations and capabilities, performance requirements and interfaces.
  • Analyze user needs and software requirements to determine feasibility of design within time and cost constraints.

Design, develop and modify software systems, using scientific analysis and mathematical models to predict and measure outcome and consequences of design.


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