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Software Developer

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    Associate in Applied Science (AAS)
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    overview-heading Associate in Applied Science Degree Software Developer

    This 64 credit-hour program provides students with the technical skills and knowledge required to design, write, implement, secure, and maintain business software systems in the enterprise. It teaches the principles of software architecture using current development tools, languages, and environments. The courses in the web, software developer and database focus areas enable students to pursue in-depth skill and expertise within one of these three areas while preparing for industry recognized certificates. The courses in the program provide a combination of online, distance learning and intensive, classroom-based, hands-on skills development. Students completing the program are prepared for a variety of industry certification exams as well as entry-level employment as software developer or to pursue advanced studies in software design and development.

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    Job Resources

    • For information on the job outlook in the software developer profession, visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and search specific job titles. Also available: information on median pay, entry-level education, number of jobs and more.
    • For specific real-time information on wages and job prospects in the STLCC region, visit STLCC Career Coach.
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    Software Developer (AAS) 67 Credits

    Program Total 67 credits
    I. Career General Education 19 credits
    ENG:101 College Composition I 3
    ENG:102 College Composition II (or)
    ENG:103 Report Writing 3
    MTH:160x College Algebra
    MTH:160A or MTH:160B or MTH:160C
    XXX:xxx Natural Science/Math Elective 3
    XXX:xxx Missouri State Requirement 3
    XXX:xxx Social Science Elective 3
    II. Physical Education Activity 2 credits
    III. Area of Concentration 31 credits
    IS:112 Software and Hardware Concepts 3
    IS:139 Web Publishing 3
    IS:225 Database Management 3
    IS:229 Unix/Linux 3
    IS:241 Systems Analysis and Design 3
    IS:237 Fundamentals of Information Assurance/Security 3
    IS:153 C# Programming I (or)
    IS:187 Java Programming I 4
    Complete 8 credits of C# or Java
    C# Language
    IS:253 C# Programming II (and) 4
    IS:283 C# Programming III 4
    Java Language
    IS:287 Java Programming II (and) 4
    IS:288 Java Programming III 4
    Focus Areas: 12 Credits
    IS:290 C# Frameworks: .Net Web App Framework (or) 3
    IS:296 Java Framework: Spring 3
    Choose an additional 9 credit hours of approved IS electives
    IS:141 Graphics for Web 3
    IS:265 Web Scripting Technologies 3
    IS:142 Web Development I 3
    Choose an additional 3 credit hours of approved IS electives
    IS:268 SQL Server Programming (and) 3
    IS:269 SQL Server Applications Programming (or) 3
    IS:276 Oracle Programming (and) 3
    IS:277 Oracle Applications Programming 3
    Choose an additional 6 credit hours of approved IS electives
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    The Software Developer program is based at our Florissant Valley, Forest Park and Meramec campuses, as well as online. Students make take general education classes toward this degree at any of our four campuses, our five eduction centers, and online.


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