Aviation Maintenance-Power Plant

Certificate of Proficiency (CP)

Aviation maintenance includes a wide range of work duties performed on various kinds of aircraft, including helicopters. Aircraft mechanics and technicians diagnose, adjust, repair or overhaul aircraft engines and assemblies including hydraulic and pneumatic systems. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certifies aviation maintenance technician schools and graduates of these schools are allowed to take the written, oral and practical tests for an Airframe and Power Plant (A&P) license issued by the FAA.

The power plant training covers engines, electrical systems, propeller systems, fuel and fire systems plus inspections.

This program prepares students for employment in aircraft maintenance and repair.

This FAA approved curriculum is offered in cooperation with the St. Louis Public School System and prepares students for both the General and Power Plant licensing exams from the Federal Aviation Administration. Licensed power plant mechanics are employed by airlines, manufacturers, repair stations and general aviation companies.

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Students attend classes full-time, five days per week. The FAA General curriculum is completed during the first year of attendance along with the Airframe curriculum.  The Power Plant curriculum is completed during the second year of the program.

If aviation and mechanical repair are your passions, then this course of study will help your career take flight.

These FAA certified programs are offered in conjunction with the Gateway STEM High School near Kingshighway and Highway 44 where STLCC students attend classes alongside St. Louis Public School students.

Entrance requirements: A minimum score of 46 on the Accuplacer placement test algebra domain or successful completion of MTH 030, Elementary Algebra (or higher) with a C or better. Students are required to pay for and submit a background check prior to registering for classes due to concurrent attendance with high school students. Check with an advisor or the program coordinator for instructions.


Job Resources

Gainful Employment Data (CP)
divider-facultyKevin Hammon
Program Coordinator
E-mail: khammon@stlcc.edu


Aviation Maintenance: Power Plant (CP) 33 Credits

Program Total Credits 33
General Aviation Core Total: 12
AVI:101 General Mechanics, Drawings and Safety 2
AVI:102 Basic Electricity for Aviation Technicians 2
AVI:103 Structural Materials and Corrosion Control 2
AVI:104 Federal Regulations and Ground Operations 2
AVI:105 Basic Physics for Aviation 2
AVI:106 Quantitative Applications 2
Area of Concentration–Power Plant Total: 21
AVI:131 Power Plant Electrical Systems 1
AVI:132 Ignition and Starting Systems 2
AVI:133 Airflow, Exhaust, Lubrication and Engine Instruments 3
AVI:134 Reciprocating Engines 4
AVI:135 Propeller Systems 3
AVI:136 Power Plant Fuel and Fire Protection Systems 3
AVI:137 Turbine Engines 4
AVI:138 Power Plant Inspections 1



Classes for Aviation Maintenance – Power Plant are offered at Gateway STEM High School. Students may take general education classes toward this degree at any of our four campuses, our five education centers, and online.


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