African-American Studies

Certificate of Specialization (CS)

African-American Studies is no longer being offered to new students. Students currently enrolled in the program will be advised on how to complete the program in a timely manner.


This program is designed for students interested in a broad-based education and in enhancing their knowledge, understanding and capabilities for functioning effectively in a multi-racial society. Although the program is geared toward students planning to transfer to four-year colleges, students in career programs will find the insight gained through these courses valuable.


Job Resources

  • For information on the job outlook in the African American Studies profession, visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and search specific job titles. Also available: information on median pay, entry-level education, number of jobs and more.
  • To learn about the top openings in specific cities across Missouri visit the Missouri Economic Research and Information Center.
  • For specific real-time information on wages and job prospects in the STLCC region, visit STLCC Career Coach.
Gainful Employment Data (CP)

John Dickerson, Program Coordinator
Phone: 314-644-9707


African-American Studies (CS) 18 Credits

Program Total: 18 credits
HUM:106 Black Humanities 3
PHL:105 Black Philosophy (or)
ENG:217 Major Black Writers* 3
PSY:200 General Psychology (Black Emphasis) 3
HST:137 African-American History I (or)
HST:138 African-American History II* 3
SOC:101 Introduction to Sociology (Black Emphasis) 3
XXX:xxx African-American Studies approved elective 3
* Required courses not selected may be taken as an
elective course.
ART:104 Major Black Artists 3
ECO:103 Economics of the Black Experience 3
HST:130 African History I 3
HST:131 African History II 3
HUM:209 Blacks and the World of Cinema 3
PHL:106 Black Religion 3
PSC:106 Blacks and the American Political Process 3


Career and Employment Services
The Social Science Resource Center is located in room D-220. This lab is equipped with computers, videos and books for researching African-American Studies and is open Monday through Friday.

Specialized African-American Studies from Library Services

African-American Odyssey

American Slave Narratives: An Online Anthology

Martin Luther King Jr. Papers at Stanford University

African-American Women Writers of the 19th Century

Afro Net

National Civil Rights Museum

Robert Templeton Art Collection, including Lest We Forget Exhibit

The Internet Black Pages

MelaNet – The Uncut Black Experience

African-American Mosaic

W.E.B. Dubois Institute for Afro-American Research Harvard University



The African-American Studies program is offered at our Forest Park campus. Students may take general education classes toward this degree at any of our four campuses, our five education centers, and online.


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